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Canadian Disc Institute FAQ’s

Most Common Questions

How much does it cost?

Each case is different and the care plan can differ from person to person depending on a number of factors including age, severity and duration of the condition. As a result, the cost of care varies greatly but can typically be in the range of $4000- $8000.

Do I need a referral letter from my family doctor?

No, you do not. You can contact Canadian Disc Institute directly and book an appointment if you qualify for care although you may need to contact your family doctor to get copies of your x-rays, CTs or MRIs.

What exactly do you do?

CDI specializes in working with people who are suffering from bulging, herniated or degenerative discs as well as disc related stenosis and sciatica. The objective of this treatment is to restart the natural hydrostatic pumping action of the disc by restoring discal integrity. This allows the disc to heal and restore itself over time. This is done through scientifically and clinically proven VAX-D decompression tables that operate using a computer controlled logarithmic algorithm.

What is your exact location?

The Canadian Disc Institute is located in a stand alone building at 15000 Yonge Street in Aurora, Ontario. This is four buildings south of the intersection of Kennedy Street and Yonge Street on the west side.

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

For your first visit please bring any current x-rays, MRI or CT scans of the area in question. Dr. Moore will need them to review and correlate with your exam findings. If you do not have current standing x-rays they can be performed on the day of your exam.

How do I get an appointment at CDI?

The best way to contact CDI are by the “Contact Us” form found here on the website. From there one of the clinical staff will be able to call you to ensure you qualify for care and to set up an appointment. Alternatively, you can call CDI at 1-866-760-8293. The staff will take your name, phone number and case details, then the clinical staff will return your call.

Is there a way to try out your services to see if it will work?

Because the treatment at CDI is an involved care program it is not possible to “try it out” to see if it will work. Practice members are not expected to see results on a visit by visit basis therefore only patients who are committed to the treatment program are eligible for the limited number of decompression openings available each day.

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