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How Discs Can Become Problematic

therapy roomTraditional medical and other types of care options fail to resolve disc problems because they do not address the true problem, but instead treat the symptoms. When there is abnormal pressure placed on a disc and it bulges or herniates, it will cause the surrounding nerve to be irritated and that can lead to swelling, pain, inflammation, spasms, numbness, tingling and even muscle weakness. It is the sustained pressure on the disc that is the exact and true problem – not the symptoms. When this happens, the water content of the disc is lost and it starts to deteriorate. This is similar to placing a brick on a sponge and causing it to bulge and release its water – that would be exactly what is happening to the discs.

If the bulging part of the sponge or disc is cut away (as in surgery) from the nerve, the disc will continue to deteriorate, dehydrate, weaken, worsen and die because the pressure keeps fluids, nutrients and oxygen out of the disc so it cannot survive. Medications such as steroid shots or pills could reduce the inflammation, but only temporarily because the pressure is still on the disc and nerve.

The disc must be decompressed for true healing to occur. Decompression creates the right environment for the disc – just like taking the brick off the sponge. Everything else is only treating the symptoms but not the cause and the problem will worsen over time.

Unfortunately, not knowing the success of decompression therapy offered at The Canadian Disc Institute can leave those suffering from severe disc conditions without hope and the real possibility of a life threatening surgery.

Now, a question: What would you do if someone was standing on your foot for a long time? Treat the symptoms while leaving the standing pressure there? Or, get the standing pressure off and let your foot heal naturally?

The Canadian Disc Institute utilizes Vertebral Axial Decompression (VAX-D) therapy to reverse the pressure in the disc to relieve pressure on the disc and other structures that are causing pain. This allows for water, nutrients, and oxygen to be pulled back into the disc to allow for healing from the inside out.

Unlike traditional traction, VAX-D achieves negative intradiscal pressures which result in intradiscal decompression. It has been demonstrated that only VAX-D decompresses intradiscal pressure to -100 to -160 mmHg of pressure. This is accomplished through a computerized, logarithmic algorithm which overcomes the neuromuscular proprioceptive guarding and muscle resistance experienced when forces are applied to the spine. Common traction cannot do this and has been shown to actually increase intradiscal pressure. The VAXD treatment is painless and very comfortable.

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